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2016-2017 8th Grade Squad

(Alphabetical Order)

Abbie Franklin

Abby Perry

Abi McMurtrey

Aisey Steele

Ashley Green

Bailey Conn

Emma Newbaker

Hannah Lacy

Izzy Busch

Jayden Morris

Katelyn Cantrell

Kathleen Luangamath

Kayla Colin

Macy Davis

Marlo Ayala

Mikayla Hayes

Taryn Webbe


2016-2017 7th Grade Squad

(Alphabetical order)

Audrienn Szanyi

Ava Gelnaw

Braylee Reed

Davan Brawner

Daysee Redmon

Faith Davis

Isabel Waters

Joi Dunn

Jordan Biles

Lilian Bickley

Macy Jones

Maura McKenna

Paige Mooney

Sophia Thompson

Stephanie Henry

Taylor Aaron

Tessa Barnhill

Trinitee Hall
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Link for physical forms: HERE
Link to the presentation from the March 7th Informational Meeting: HERE
Link to the NISD Middle School Cheerleading Handbook: HERE