Private Lessons

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Private Lesson Program:

Private lessons are available through the band program to all band students and are highly recommended for all students. Private lessons provide one-on-one personal attention to improve students at the fastest rate possible.  Individual instruction is extremely beneficial due to the one on one teaching environment. 

 Our private instructors are professional teachers.  They are available to teach lessons during band class or before and after school.  Lessons once a week and scheduling issues need to be addressed to the individual instructor.  Make-up lessons will be arranged between you and the instructor.  Cancellation of lessons need to be made 2 weeks prior to any discontinuation, otherwise, if you participate in this service, please plan to have lessons for the entirety of the school year so that your child can have continuous performance growth.

 The fee per lesson is $20.00 for a half hour.  Private lessons must be paid a month in advance either by check or cash.  Checks should be made out to the private lesson teacher not CTMS.  If would like lessons but are having financial issues, we do offer scholarships on a need basis.  Please fill out the page towards the end of the handbook titled Private Lesson Form and have your student return it to a band director as soon as possible.  Any student who receives a scholarship must participate in any and all fundraisers throughout the school year.

CTMS Private Lesson

Flute         Jennifer Rodriguez, DMA

Bassoon     Michael Scott   

Clarinet       Orlando Scalia 

Saxophone   Kyle Bellaire

Trumpet       James Simms

Horn           Caley Brown   

Low Brass    Larry Howell