Charms & Remind



  1. Go to Charms website
  2. Click blue login button (top right corner) and click Parent/Student/Members
  3. School code is chisholmorch (please make sure to spell correctly)
  4. Student area password is your student id
  5. The first couple of log ins it will ask you to change password (if you do decide to change password please notify your student or parents of the change as both groups need to be able to log in to Charms) if we ever forget our password you can just email Mr. Smith or Mr. Scheufele and we can reset to the default student id.
  6. Please update information, we need at least updated emails for parents (add new adult blue button at bottom of student information screen) and students (students can use school email), student’s birthday, and student t-shirt size please use the T-Shirt (adult) box for t-shirt size.


Important reminder you must click the green update button before leaving page or it will not “save” your information, you will know that it is “saved” if a green bar appears at the top that says, “STUDENT INFORMATION UPDATED”
Text Reminder
This year we are using a text reminder system to help get important information out as well. It is very simple to sign up for the text reminders, just text your Orchestra code to 972.635.8654! Standard text rates apply.

Orchestra Codes:
Beginner Orchestra--@ctmsbeg
Concert Orchestra--@ctmsconc
Chamber Orchestra--@ctmscham
Symphonic Orchestra--@ctmssym