Trail Time Clubs

Achieve 3000, Ms. Gohlke, A208B
Anime, Ms. Kysar & Mr. Urby, A102
Bingaman Bag Toss, Ms. Bingaman, Band Hall
Board Games, Ms. Groves & Ms. Wright, A207
Board Games, Ms. Shatt, G204
Bollywood, Ms. Braddock, A110
Book Brawl, Ms. Pierce, Library
Bulldog Weight Lifting, Coach Thayer, Weight Room
Card Club, Mr. Capps & Mr. Farmer, G201
Chess Club, Ms. Wright, A209
Club 171, Ms. McGarey, C107
Coding Club, Ms. Wier & Ms. Williams, A107
Coloring Club, Ms. Reynolds, G101
CTMS Zookeepers, Ms. Bush & Ms. L Thompson, A202
Disney Club, Ms. Kerby, Ms. Riggins & Ms. Salisbury, A210
Dodge Ball, Coach Pope & Coach Cruse, PE Gym
Forensic Science, Ms. Harris, A114
Good Eats, Coach Aguirre & Mr. McKenna, Competition Gym
Good Vibes Club, Ms. Ingraham, Ms. Trinque & Ms. Pennington, D102
Hand Lettering Club, Ms. Davis & Ms. Ford, G203
Health & Fitness(Healthy Living), Coach Croft & Coach Kiser, A212
I Love the 80's, Ms. Bates, C116
Inspire, Ms. K Thompson & Ms. Walter, A203
Interior Design, Ms. Thurston, D110
Meditation Celebration, Ms. J Hill, D101
Mexican Train Dominos, Ms. Ortega, G208
Music Appreciation, Mr. Smith & Mr. Weeks, Band Hall
Origami Club, Mr. Ricks, D109
Paper Football Club, Ms. Wilson, A111
Photography Club, Ms. Meyer, C114
Pinterest Club, Ms. Anthony, A211
Pokeman Go @ CTMS, Ms. Wilson & Ms. Tannreuther, G103
Prodigy, Coach Small, A208A
Puzzle Club, Ms. Cooper & Ms. C Davis, G108
Random Club, Ms. A Pope, Ms. Murray & Ms. Locknane, C101
Recipes, Ms. Kemp, A103
Sports Debate Club, Coach Ayers, C102
Sports Talk, Coach Kleckner & Mr. Jennings, A213
STOMP, Ms. Tinius, G202
Student Council, Ms. Kiedrowski, Dr. K Hill, D105
Supporting Bulldogs, Coach Cole & Ms. Hendrickson, A105
The Big Event, Mr. Hays, A113
The Great Outdoors, Coach Schneider, Tennis Cours
The Mythical Morning Club, Coach Graves, G102
The Order of the Phoenix, Coach Denning & Coach North, C120
The Rubik's Cubers, Ms. Greene, C103