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We have a "no lice" policy - Children with live lice must go home but can return as soon as they have been treated.  Children with nits can be in school, but we encourage parents to continue to work with their child to remove all the nits.
Head lice are the most common louse problem in the United States. They are easily spread by physical contact and infestations can occur under the best sanitary conditions. Every year, 6 to 10 million people in the United States have head lice with three-quarters of them being school children less than 12 years old. Girls typically have higher rates of infestation than boys do. However, having shorter hair does not prevent or eliminate infestations. Income level is not a factor in infestation. If one family member is infested with head lice, the risk of infestation for the rest of the family is greater. Usually Caucasians have more problems with head lice due to the shape of the individual hair shaft.

Want more info?    Click this link to visit the CDC website.

The district has adopted the Healthy and Wise Coordinated School Health Program. Visit the following link to find out more: