Counseling Center

Welcome to CTMS Counselors
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Sarah Lacefield

6th Grade & 7th Grade(A-K)


Cindy Barksdale 
8th Grade & 7th Grade(L-Z)


Our Counseling Mission is:
Together, we guide students to achieve their potential and to live as
healthy, responsible, and resilient citizens.
The Counseling Office provides the following programs and services:
Academic Counseling
Career Counseling
Individual /Group Counseling
Improving academic self-concept
Setting goals
Character education
Acquiring skills for improving learning
Preparing for high school
Clarifying goals and values
Achieving school success
Exploring careers
Building a support system
Time management
Decision making
Mediation for Conflict Resolution
Relating school to life experiences
Career Awareness
How to make and keep friends
Study skills
Motivation to Achieve
Promoting cultural diversity
Short Term/Long Term Goals
College awareness activities
Responsible behavior