What is a School Counselor


What is School Counselor?
- A school person who helps all students
- A resource person for parents
- A counselor
- A consultant
- A resource person for teachers
The School Counselor:
- Sees students individually and in groups
- Gains understanding through observation
- Uses the community as a resource
- Coordinates orientation programs
- Guides students through the process of
change and transition
- Assists students in understanding of
"responsibility for self" and
"making good choices"
A student may see the counselor for:
- Improvement of self-control
- Conflict resolution skills
- Inadequate peer relationships
- Self-expression
- Adjustment to the school environment
- Learning to set goals and make decisions
- Underachievement
- Fearfulness
- Grief and loss
- Crisis intervention
- Divorce
- Lack of social skills
How does a student see the Counselor?
- Self referral
- Parent referral
- Teacher referral
- Counselor invitation
- Administrative referral
- Special Services referral
Counselor's Objectives:
- To work with every student
- To implement a positive character education
- To facilitate personal, social, and
emotional needs within the educational
- To monitor students as they progress through
the counseling process
- Make a determination and
recommendation as to whether the
counseling process is beneficial to the
individual and his/her present
- To create an atmosphere of honesty,
openness, and mutual respect
Where will the student visit the Counselor?
- In the Counselor's office
- In the classroom
- In the office