The X-STEAM is back for a second amazing year!  CTMS' premiere afterschool adventure for kids and teachers who love science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics returns this year with even more exciting projects to get involved in! 

The X-STEAM has been invited back to the Bell Education Foundation STEM Challenge at the Alliance Airshow.  Last year our team won MOST CREATIVE, so we're excited about getting ready for this year's challenge.  We'll be building heliports, practicing flights with RC helicopters, and experimenting with payloads, rotor improvements, and more.  Join us starting in September to get cracking on this first challenge.  Xsteam

Also in September, the X-STEAM will be hosting Lockheed Martin in their SIMSIL pilot training flight simulation fair.  In April, the X-STEAM will tour the University of Texas at Arlington Robotics Institute.  Last year, our sixth grade went and it was amazing.  This year our smaller X-STEAM group will have more time to explore and experiment with the robots. 

This year the X-STEAM will host TWO teams for the Team America Rocketry Challenge.  We'll be designing, simulation testing, firing and competing with payload model rockets designed to carry a biological payload (a raw egg) up to 800'.  Don't know nothing 'bout no rockets?  Come and learn, it's really fun.  Already experienced?  Come and help us get better and better at designing and accurately firing our rockets in all weathers.  Two teams will mean we'll have a CTMS competition between the two teams and may the best team win! 

Last year we had so much fun at the X-STEAM will cardboard arcade game design, robotics, duct tape origami and other kinds of making that we are launching our X-STEAM Makerspace this year!  Makers believe that if you can imagine it you can make it.  Making is messy -- think, punk rock!  Makers celebrate other makers at our annual CTMS Art Show and Makers Faire on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th).  Make yourself a maker -- come and make something with us on Mondays, afterschool starting in September.  Check out the Makerspace website for more details.