Peanut allergies


Food allergies, especially peanut allergies can be deadly.  An accidental, casual contact with peanuts, or even inhaling small amounts of peanut particles, can cause a severe allergic reaction and even death for those who suffer from this condition.

We need your help!  Peanuts can be concealed in processed foods like baked goods, candy, cereals, chili, cookies, dips, egg rolls, ice cream, and spaghetti sauce. We will designate a peanut-free zone in the cafeteria at lunch time.  Only students with peanut free lunches will sit in this area. 


Although a child with peanut allergies cannot always avoid all contact with this product, it becomes very difficult to manage when classmates bring snacks to school, which contain peanut proteins.  Lets try to keep all our children safe and make a very concerned effort to not send any peanut products to school with your child.

Information on Food Allergies